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Meditation, Community and Authentic Connection in a Virtual World


Do you want to feel calm, supported and connected in a socially-distanced world?

Join our meditation and authentic connection gatherings online. They are 100% free to join and open to everyone!


How a typical 60-minute InterMeditation session works

Part 1. 20-30 Minute Live Group Meditation

You'll be guided through a live meditation along with other participants from around the world.

We cover various themes such as cultivating self compassion and love, letting go of anxiety, transforming fears, accepting uncertainty, overcoming procrastination, creating abundance,  using affirmations for health and healing, expanding consciousness and grounding. You'll leave feeling calm, centered, and empowered.

Part 2. 30-min Optional Community Connection Activity

After the meditation, we build deeper connections with each other in smaller groups to share conversations, play games, and hold space. This is part is optional.


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The Humans Behind InterMeditation

Co-Founder and Lifelong Meditator

I began meditating when I was six years old after reading about a meditation practice in a newspaper. I consider meditation the essential workout for our minds. Having a consistent meditation practice has had a profound impact on my life. Meditation makes me more present, aware, loving, calm, conscientious, selfless and committed .

I owe my life to all the loving people and communities that inspire and empower me every day. I believe everyone deserves to feel that they belong to a loving community.

It is my wish to serve you with the power of meditation and genuine connections. Besides my role at InterMeditation, I'm also a serial entrepreneur with a background in tech, a startup leader coach, and a productivity trainer. I live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband, and three sweet kitties.


What Our Members Say About Us


I loved my session. It helped relax me and focus me. After I was able to knock out tasks that have been plaguing me for days.

If you are looking for guidance with meditation and community I highly recommend InterMeditation.

Danae E.

I got exactly what I wanted, which was a sense of grounding through my breath, and being able to connect with others while being alone in my apartment. I’m very happy to be a part of this community.

Sheila W.

I hoped to get a sense of connection and calm during a time of uncertainty, and i got just that. I got a better sense of awareness about what I was feeling and learning through this process. After the group session I felt more connected and energized to get on with my day.

Shanadi E.

InterMeditation was a much needed pause for the soul - it’s a great way to get some time to breathe deep, reclaim your peace, and think hard about how gratitude is manifesting in your life at the moment. Yi is a great facilitator and her compassion shines through in her facilitation. Even if you're nervous about meditation, try it out - just think of it as another way to get an extra, refreshing gulp of oxygen in a busy week.

Kushaan S.

The meditation session I attended left me enriched and inspired. I would recommend this group and these sessions to anyone who wants more company on their journey toward greater wholeness.

Linda B.

Sounds amazing! Please let me know when the next free event is:


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Frequently Asked Questions


Why are your events free? What's the catch here.

We make our events free to ensure everyone in need of support can access it. Times are hard and many of us are struggling financially, while people are in need of meditation and community more than ever. So, if you want the support, you will get it, regardless of your financial situation.

How do you cover costs then?

We receive donations from our kind and generous members. These donations are their way of paying it forward for people like you to benefit from our gatherings free of charge.


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