Why InterMeditation?

We humans are creating more and more tools to stay connected. We have more friends than we ever had in the pre-Internet era and we have the ability to share our thoughts at any time of the day. And yet we seem to become more and more disconnected, isolated and lonely. 


At InterMediation, we believe the issue lies in the distinction between quantity and quality of connection. We humans have evolved to live in tribes of about 150 people. When the tribe is that small, each person is seen, acknowledged and valued by all the other members of the tribe.

In our modern area, we are members of multiple tribes with thousands, millions and billions of members: the companies we work for, the cities we live in and the social media platforms we frequent. We experience thousands of daily encounters, none of which are lasting, significant or genuine. As a result, we constantly change tribes, chase social media points and pursue other substitutes for authentic connection, all in a fruitless attempt to feel seen, to feel heard, to feel like valuable members of a community.

We believe that what we need less crowded social media feeds, noisy communications and constant connectivity. And we need more quality interactions, deeper conversations and closer connections.

At InterMeditation, we take back the Internet to create authentic communities and human connections through live group meditations and genuine conversations.

We welcome everyone regardless of belief system, sexual orientation, lifestyle, gender, race, country of origin or any other mutable or immutable trait. Over 75% of our members are people of color, women or non-binary persons.

All we ask is that you bring an open mind and a desire to create better communities. Welcome to your community!


The Humans Behind InterMeditation

Co-Founder and Lifelong Meditator

I began meditating when I was six years old after reading about a meditation practice in a newspaper. I consider meditation the essential workout for our minds. Having a consistent meditation practice has had a profound impact on my life. Meditation makes me more present, aware, loving, calm, conscientious, selfless and committed .

I owe my life to all the loving people and communities that inspire and empower me every day. I believe everyone deserves to feel like they belong to a loving community.

It is my wish to serve you with the power of meditation and genuine connections. Besides my role at InterMeditation, I'm also a serial entrepreneur with a background in tech, a startup leader coach, and a productivity trainer. I live in Boulder, Colorado with my husband, and three sweet kitties.


Community Guidelines

Bring the Best Version of Yourself to Every Interaction

Love > Fear

We are all responsible for creating a loving community. Please treat each other like family.

Assume Positive Intent

Disagreements can be resolved with kindness and empathy. If you think someone is acting inappropriately, ask them to clarify their position instead of concluding that they are wrong. You'll generally find that other people never mean to hurt you and are willing to listen to your perspective. Naming, shaming and blaming creates conflict and divide; kindness and empathy creates positive interactions and stronger communities. Be the person you'd like to encounter if you were having a bad day :)

Support Each Other

When your cup is empty, fill it up first before giving out more. When your cup is full, share with those who need it.


What Our Members Say About Us

Absolutely magical! Close your eyes, follow the guidance and come back to it if at all you wander anywhere. Yi is a pro at calming those tensed nerves and bringing the much needed peace. Big recommendation for everyone, even those who think meditation can’t help them much (I joined only to experience, with no expectations) and my anxiety laden mind thank her multiple times for the wonderful experience!

Mani G.

I would highly recommend this group. It is the perfect spiritual and grounding escape from the grind of normal life. If anyone is passionate about meditation, or even just interested in some of the benefits of it, this is the perfect space for you!

Florence R.

I am encouraged that Yi and others are creating a place of peace, sense of calm and allowing people to find positive ways to express themselves and be heard.  It is a very kind and assuring community. I recommend everyone to attend and join the sessions any way they can.

Maybelyn P.


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