Discover How to Love Yourself Unconditionally.
- So You Can Be At Peace with Yourself and Others

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you"
- Rupi Kaur


Did you know... can become the person you and the people in your life deserve by cultivating self-love and compassion? 

Do you ever wonder why you never have the time or space for self-care, why you can’t hold positive relationships for long or why you it's so hard to finish the projects you know will improve your life?

Here’s the secret: To become the person you want to be, you need a better relationship with yourself first.

Let me explain

Our relationship with ourselves is at the core of everything in our life. How we view ourselves determines our state of being. When we truly love and care for ourselves, we feel at ease. Our actions radiate confidence. We feel full, we feel complete, we feel love. We stop trying to be the person others expect us to be, and develop our best selves instead.

If you keep on rejecting and shaming yourself, on the other hand, life gets a lot harder. You become your own biggest enemy and critic. You become a people-pleaser, a workaholic or a perfectionist because you’re never happy with yourself. You become bitter and obsessed with the ways you've been wronged. You become terrified of pursuing pursuing happiness because subconsciously you don’t think you’re worthy. And although you think you are being selfless, when you ignore your own needs you are less happy, you feel less abundance, and you have less to give to the people you love.


“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.”
- Mother Teresa


The big questions on my clients’ minds are…

  • How can I start to take actions I know are important to me?

  • How can I stop feeling so emotionally tired?

  • How can I stop feeling inadequate and scared in times of uncertainty?

  • How can I create positive relationships where I give from a place of abundance?

  • How can I get the courage and belief I need to become my best self?

Many come to me feeling distracted, anxious, tired and inadequate. 

For over 25 years, I have dealt with these questions while working on creating a better relationship with myself. I grew up with two abusive, narcissistic parents. Whenever my parents got angry with themselves or each other, they beat me up. When I was two years old and my family went to Beijing for the first time, they hid from me in a big mall because they thought it was funny when I cried as I searched for them. And whenever I cried, my father would yell at me and slap me in the face…

In that environment, it was very difficult to love myself.

Luckily, at the age of six, I came across a newspaper article on meditation. From that moment on, I began the process of learning to focus on my breath, listen to my inner self and shape my own consciousness.  My life would never be the same again.


It took me countless hours of meditation, years of therapy, hundreds of books, dozens of self-development seminars and thousands of pages of journaling to unlearn my childhood patterns. Luckily, I have finally perfected the meditation and coaching practices to heal our inner child, rebuild our mental patterns, and learn how to fully develop self-love and compassion. I sincerely want to share my decades of learning and process with you.


Now, you too can become the person you're meant to be with InterMeditation's new program



  • 30 minute of healing and guided meditations

  • 60 minute of optional group coaching sessions



  • May 3rd - May 31st, 2020

  • We will meet 2 times a week: at 10:30am ET on Wednesdays and at 5:30pm ET on Sundays for a total of 8 regular sessions

  • In addition, we'll conclude with an affirmation circle in the 9th and final session.

  • You only need to attend one session per week



  • All meditations will be recorded so you can meditate and grow every  day

  • A private chat will be available for all participants to hold each other accountable and support each other's growth

  • Designed to help us heal and grow in a nurturing and compassionate environment



  • Week 1: Create an inner safe space

  • Week 2: Heal your inner child

  • Week 3: Create the embodiment of unconditional love

  • Week 4: We create a new relationship with ourselves


If you’re ready to stop holding yourself back from being the person you deserve to be, then sign up for our Cultivating Self Love and Compassion program below!

Program options:

$147 Meditation Access

  • Access to all meditations in the program.

$197 Meditation Access+

  • Access to all meditations in the program.

  • Access to recordings of all meditations in the program.

$297 Full Access

  • Access to all meditations in the program.

  • Access to recordings of all meditation sessions in the program.

  • Access to group coaching sessions.


I am encouraged that Yi and others are creating a place of peace, sense of calm and allowing people to find positive ways to express themselves and be heard.

Maybelyn P.

My session with Yi was very insightful! By asking really good questions and inviting me to medidate during the session, she helped me discover the limiting beliefs and emotions that were keeping me from doing the work that I really care about. I left the session with greater clarity on my values and next steps.

Valeria L.

Absolutely magical! Close your eyes, follow the guidance and come back to it if at all you wander anywhere. Yi is a pro at calming those tensed nerves and bringing the much needed peace.

Mani G.


Program Benefits

Healthy Relationships

  • Build a healthier relationship with yourself and others


  • Gain the confidence and courage to work on your dreams


  • Feel more at ease with uncertainties


  • Cultivate unconditional love and compassion for yourself and the world

Reduce Shame

  • Experience less shame and pain from the past


  • Stop feeling tired and burnt out and start taking good care of yourself


  • Discover the power you already possess to change your life


You can begin to build a better relationship with yourself that will act as the catalyst for more positivity, love and potential in your life. But there’s a cost of inaction, as you will continue to:

  • ...experience the shame, frustration and insecurity you feel about yourself

  • ...waste your life trying to be the person others want you to be

  • ...feel emotionally tired and overwhelmed

  • unhappy in your own company

  • ...feel too empty to create positive relationships


If you’re ready to stop holding yourself back from being the person you deserve to be, then sign up for our Cultivating Self Love and Compassion program below!

Program options:

$147 Meditation Access

  • Access to all meditations in the program.

$197 Meditation Access+

  • Access to all meditations in the program.

  • Access to recordings of all meditations in the program.

$297 Full Access

  • Access to all meditations in the program.

  • Access to recordings of all meditations in the program.

  • Access to the group coaching sessions.


Yi has a real gift for gorgeous visualizations, creating a serene atmosphere, and making everyone feel welcomed.  Thank you for what you do!

Yi is a great facilitator and her compassion shines through in her facilitation.

Alice L.

Kushaan S


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