Community Guidelines

Bring the Best Version of Yourself to Every Interaction

Love > Fear

We are all responsible for creating a loving community. Please treat each other like family.

Assume Positive Intent

Disagreements can be resolved with kindness and empathy. If you think someone is acting inappropriately, ask them to clarify their position instead of concluding that they are wrong. You'll generally find that other people never mean to hurt you and are willing to listen to your perspective. Naming, shaming and blaming creates conflict and divide; kindness and empathy creates positive interactions and stronger communities. Be the person you'd like to encounter if you were having a bad day :)

Support Each Other

When your cup is empty, fill it up first before giving out more. When your cup is full, share with those who need it.


Terms of Use


Welcome to InterMeditation. We hope you’re enjoying our site so far! Here are the boring but important legal terms that apply to your use of (this “website” or “site”), whether you are accessing the site for the first time, registering as a member on our site, using any of our services, features, content or products, or are using our site in any other way.

Limitations on Use of the Website

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We hate spam. Have you ever signed up for the email list of a company you really like, only for your feelings for that company to completely invert when they start emailing you uninteresting promotions several times a day? So have we.

By providing us with your email address you agree that we can send you email notifications regarding our services or if we some other important reason to contact you. We will do our best to send you as many emails as it takes to make sure you receive valuable information about our services, and as few as it takes for you to not start hating us.

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Data Security

Like you, we expect that the personal information we provide to companies is protected and secure from nefarious actors. Therefore, we do of course endeavor to safeguard any personal information you provide us. However, you should be aware that whenever data is transmitted over the Internet it is impossible for anyone to ensure that the data is 100% secure. There always exists some possibility that hackers or others with bad intentions will be able to exploit bugs, errors or other issues that can appear with any computer system. Nevertheless, we strive to ensure your personal information is stored and transmitted in secure manners and we only share personal information with employees or third-party agents when this is necessary to perform our services. We will not sell your personal information to anyone. If a security breach were to occur, we would email you as soon as possible, though it’s possible we would have to delay such an email notice to ensure that law enforcement can do their job or to perform our own remedial measures.


No Medical Treatment

InterMeditation is meant to be a place where people can come together and meditate, connect and be present with each other. We hope our community will be a place where people can feel safe, happy and supported, but we have to emphasize that we do not intend to provide medical or psychiatric diagnosis, advise or treatment in any way.  We also strongly encourage our users to refrain from making any claims regarding their own communications as to the medical or psychiatric efficacy of such communications, but we are not liable in any way for any communications by our users. 

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